Announcing Double Life Press

Welcome to Double Life Press.

Do you like to read? Do you believe that artists and storytellers make life worth living? We do too. We believe that the indie literature scene represents the best and boldest writers working today. We believe that the distinctions “genre” and “literary” distract writers and readers from the only distinction that matters: quality.

That’s why Double Life is here. Nothing is off limits. No boundaries. Double Life Press will be releasing the best in transgressive, edgy literature. This spring, we are launching our first titles and we are starting off with a bang!

From Will “the Thrill” Viharo, DLP will be reprinting all of his standalone works in three volumes called The Thrillville Pulp Fiction Collection, Vol. 1-3. There is literally no one else out there like Viharo and these definitive editions of his work will be mandatory for all lovers of truly unique literature. These volumes will feature new artwork by Mike Fyles, Matt Brown, and Dyer Wilk.

From novelist, essayist, poet, and filmmaker Pablo D’Stair comes Trevor English. Previously available as a series of novellas, this is the first time these works from D’Stair will be in one volume, as the author intended. If you haven’t read Pablo D’Stair yet, this is the perfect place to begin. You will never read anything else like it.

Andrew Hilbert will bring us his newest novella, Death Thing. Death Thing is a wild, pulpy horror story about a man who converts his car into a death trap for those who try to break in and rob him. This book immediately grabs the reader by the throat and doesn’t let go until the last page. Artwork for this horror pulp tale will also be by Dyer Wilk.

This summer, we will bring you The Birthday Slasher: An Arielle Charltray Novel by April Hawks, introducing a terrific new series character in the form of private investigator Arielle Charltray. April Hawks is another one of our favorite writers and The Birthday Slasher will mark the beginning of the next series you’ll be obsessed about.

Also this summer, we will release a new novella by the great Scott Grand. Entitled Proximity, Grand tells the story of a near future world controlled by superheroes. Scott Grand is a name that you won’t forget.

Once Double Life Press starts, we will not stop. We will continue to bring you the best independent literature in 2015 and beyond. Remember, there are no boundaries. There is only literature.